Harnessing Indigenous Botanicals

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NZ Boysenberry & Kawa Kawa Tonic

Kakadu Plum & Acacia Tonic

A natural source of wellness

specially formulated tonics for a natural, heathy daily boost

NZ Boysenberry & Kawa Kawa Tonic


Kakadu Plum & Acacia Tonic

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Returning from over a decade working in Asia where wellness tonics are long-established and extensively used, Rogue Beverages co-Founder, Sean, developed an Australian made version of the remedies he had seen in Japan, Korea and other Asian cultures.  Whilst developing this new product, SHOJO, Sean came to learn more about the richness and benefits of our own indigenous ingredients. 

It was apparent that wellness as a way of life is becoming more important to consumers, with people searching for a way to consume key ingredients in a convenient, flavoursome way.  Sean turned to Nikki Hart, a trained dietitian and registered nutritionist with a love for creating healthy products and curiosity for the benefits of natural and traditional ingredients.
Together with food specialists in New Zealand and Australia, they developed the first two VITONIC blends, NZ Boysenberry & Kawa Kawa followed by Kakadu Plum & Acacia.